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Air Conditioning Services
The air conditioning system in your car is a closed system that can lose strength when freon refrigerant leaks out of the system and/or one or more of its key parts fails. 

When you bring your car in to Dependable Auto for air conditioning service, our mechanics will perform a high/low pressure test to measure the refrigerant level. If low, we will add refrigerant with a florescent dye to aid in the detection of leaks. After a complete inspection of leaks and wear, our mechanics will measure and replenish the refrigerant.

Our A/C service also includes retro-fiting your vehicle from R-12 to the post-1995 EPA standard refrigerant R-134a. R-134a is environmentally friendly and is less expensive than R-12 freon - helping you stay green and more efficient on the road.

Dependable Auto also offers a climate control service that will clean air conditioning lines, evaporator and ventilator and kill any bacteria mold or fungi in the system. The air inside your vehicle will be much cleaner and 4 to 5 degrees cooler thanks to increased efficiency.